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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Real World "Las Vegas"

Cliche...? YEAH!,  it seems to be a revolving door with MTV reality TV show The "REAL" World...

Girl has boyfriend
Boy has girlfriend
Boy with girlfriend hooks up with girl with boyfriend
Girl with boyfriend calls her boyfriend and tells him she has crush on roommate
Boy with girlfriend tells girl with boyfriend that he doesn't want to interfere
Black guy acts macho
Gay guy afraid to come out
Gay Guy reveals he's gay, Black guy over reacts
Roommate hook up and possibly gets pregnant
Roommate finds out she's not pregnant
Roommate gets drunk and goes psycho
Roommate gets voted out
New roommate comes in and tries to prove themselves
OOOh look we have a huge fish tank with dead fish
Boring job no one wants to participate in...

The UN- Real World (Las Vegas 2011)

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